A playful evening with Emily Jacometti

On February 19th, I, along with many other women and a few invited men, headed to KPMG’s office in Amsterdam to enjoy an evening of dinner, drinks and an incredible girl geek talk by Emily Jacometti, co-
founder of Flavour.

The evening started with dinner, giving everyone a good opportunity to meet other women interested in, or working in, geeky or techy fields. The dinner was provided generously by the sponsors at KPMG, and you could tell it was greatly appreciated based on the amount of people who got seconds!

After dinner we moved into the auditorium to enjoy Emily’s talk on Gamification. To be completely honest, I had never even heard of Gamification before this Girl Geek Event. When I read about it online beforehand however, I was very interested, and excited to learn more. Emily did not disappoint, she was engaging, fun and inspiring to those who attended. She explained gamification in such an interesting way, showing us how and where it could be most useful. She also spent a good amount of time answering our many questions after her talk. (If you are curious, and like I was, are unsure of what Gamification is, I’ll give you the quick Wikipedia explanation: Gamification is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems.) I highly recommend looking at Flavours portfolio to get a better idea of this topic.

After the talk, we had about an hour of time to mingle in the bar at KPMG and discuss the talk. The general feeling from the women I was talking too was inspired. There was something about the evening and Emily’s talk that left us feeling like we too could use our talents to create and do amazing things.
It was a great feeling! Many people came alone, or just with one other friend, but by the end of the evening there were many large groups talking together and discussing Gamification and all sorts of other Girl Geek topics.

Thanks again to the organizers, sponsors and speakers for an incredible evening of learning and fun!

Emily’s slides are here.

Post written by Carly Friesen.
Read more from Carly where she blogs weekly at ASewcialLife.blogspot.com.

Photos were taken by the Girl Geeks and Tom Verstraat.

Tom Verstraat also created this video:

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