AMS GGD #15 • Emily Jacometti • How to use gamification to your advantage

Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Time: 18:30-22:30
Location: KPMG (Laan van Langerhuize 1, Amstelveen)
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Gamification is something we already apply in our daily life, sometimes without even realizing it. What if we channel this to get the things we want? Maybe lose some weight, get a promotion, or score the perfect date? Gamification helps you understand how to intrinsically motivate a person, virtual or IRL. And what does this have to do with the hype of 2012? And why should companies use this? And how?

How about we start with some of the basics?

My name is Emily Jacometti (29) and I would love for everyone to join this little experiment :-)

Speaker Bio

Emily Jacometti is the co-founder of Flavour, a company founded in 2008. In their first year they made the move from a student room to a modest office in Amsterdam. Their portfolio includes prize-winning games and innovative concepts.
Their ambition is to let people play.
Whether it’s a consumer who plays with a brand or staff who gets to play with the newly installed company brand values, change management or educational applications, all their ideas and products have a special Flavour.

More on Emily Jacometti.



Click on poster for printeable version (designed by Rhiannon Meredith).

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